Monitor Project is a program for managing and controlling of patients EEG-monitoring in BRAIN STAR networks. Monitor Project is able to manage up to eight workstations at the same time.


A continuous EEG-monitoring of patients with epilepsy leads to an immense amount of data in a very short time. With a high temporal resolution  per channel and second a kilobyte of data is being produced, which arises a huge data flood at multiple channel- and multiple work stations. This is partly due to the fact that an entire processing would take much too long. The biggest part of the saved data is however unimportent for diagnostic terms. Essential for a diagnosis are saved insults with a little bit of "EEG-prehistory" and periodical samples of interictal activity. Because of the unpredictableness of when an insult occurs, the EEG in the first instance has to be saved in adequate periods of time (2-4 hours) continuously in temporary files.  When an insult occurs, a certain period of time is retroactively saved in a permanent file. During this time, the recording has to be continued.

Monipro was developed to automate the extraction and saving of such EEG-parts and to free the user of considerations of which actions are possible at one time and which are not. Additionally, the program  automates the handling of the Video-synchronisation-information, that enables shaping EEG- and Video-parts together, even after extraction and copying.