Company Profile

Schwind Medizin – Technik is an innovating company in Erlangen/Germany.
Our five employees are specialised on neurological diagnostics. The management is driven by the owner Mrs. Luise Schwind and the manager Mr. Gerald Schwind.

After the foundation in the year 1983 the company exclusively sells products for Neurology.
Due to the experiences, which go back partially until the year 1963, the company was noticed because of very competent service.

Since 1987 the offered products has been constantly expanded with own developments. There it has to be mentioned that the paperless EEG, a BRAIN STAR product, has been built up to 400 times. The software for this product was written by a paediatric who is himself working with it in neuropaediatry.

Schwind Medizin – Technik has reached a very good regional position on the market in several hospitals and medical surgeries through all neurological offers.Products of the company are in Germany as well as in several European countries as Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slowenia, Hungary and Croatia.
In the meantime the export is playing a more important role so that the company Schwind wants to expand the international sellers- and servicenet, which is one of the priorities at this time.