Biothermostat  BTH 5-3

easy control     high operation security     within physiological area     high sensitivity     no electrical interference

The Biothermostat BTH 5-3 allows an automatic constant of a chosen temperture between 20 C and  44 C.It can be used for stabilization and control of temperature while warming up body parts, e.g. for measuring the nerve conduction velocity. The warming is induced by an infrared warming lamp, which is automatically delivered with the system. 

The Biothermostat BTH 5-3 features easy controls, high operation security, within physiological area, high sensitivity and no electrical interference.

technical  data:  
dimensions 10 mm  125 mm  180 mm
weight 2,0 kg
sensing device 14 mm diameter 4 mm
sensitivity 0,02 C
display 3 digit LED-indicator (0,1 C)
power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
maximum current 3,0 A