ARCFILES is the archiving program of the Brain Star EEG/EP-system for directly recordable data media (e.g. magneto-optical- and optical disks, disk drives, Bernoulli-disks, syquest) and data media that need an image like CD-ROM and tape-archiving-systems. The image is a harddrive partition or a directory that offers the same harddisc capacity as a archiving session on the data medium.

The archiving program checks, if the EEG or EP is analysed and therefore worth of archiving it. Files, which are not analysed yet, are saved in the network until they are marked analysed.

All files are going to be archived that are within the Brain Star database. Additional files like EVN-files, analysis documents (e.g. WORD- files) etc. are automatically archived as long as they have the same subdirectory and file data. The program secures that files which belong together  are going to be archived together. Empty files with 0 Bytes are not going to be archived.